Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rookeries !

A wet afternoon looked spot on for some Rookery nest counts before the leaves come on the trees otherwise its then impossible. Thanks to all those who have returned counts already.
There is still the upper valley areas - Matt is doing 3 colonies near Hebden Bridge. If anyone can check the colonies in Todmorden that would be a big help as Jeff used to do them but has moved east ! Hope you're ok Jeff? we are missing you !!

The other known colonies are being covered but there are several areas where we have no known colonies. These are Norwood Green, Shelf, Rastrick (other than Tofts Grove), Elland area, and Warley (though we have Newlands). If anyone has information on colonies in these areas please do a count and let me know - Many thanks - Dave

A good number of Swallows (maybe 40+) and a few House Martins mainly on the fishing lake with a few on the ski lake at Cromwell bottom this afternoon. c12 Tree Sparrows at the Clifton site in the pouring rain!


AndyC said...

did you get the one at Bailif bridge..??

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Cheers Andy. Are you aware of any colonies between in Shibden Valley between Shibden Head and Brookfoot? It looks ideal but we just have record of one small colony in Shibden Park near the play area and we have a count from there from Ian Scott.

Muxy said...

Have you got the one at Clifton and the one at Hartshead which is just outside Calderdale but I think inside the recording area?
I will have alook round Warley to see if I can see any others, other than Newlands, but it will have to be at the weekend.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Hi Muxy - yes we have one at Clifton - its looking across from Jay House Lane by Whitaker Pits Farm if thats the one you mean (or have you another one)? and we have the Hartshead one thanks, from Mike Stead.

If you get chance to check Warley that would be a big help. Old records show there used to be a colony at Whitty lane and another one at Stock Lane - both in or near Warley but I dont know the exact historic locations - even before my time !!!