Monday, March 18, 2013


Male at Ringstone at 16:30hrs this afternoon Perhaps more noteworthy was the fact that 33 Common Scoter flew high north into HBW airspace just east of Wholestone Moor at 17:16hrs this afternoon. I observed this event from Blackmoorfoot Reservoir, record photos and further details are on the Huddersfield Website Forum if anyone is interested.


DJSutcliffe said...

Thanks for the posting Dave - all very interesting especially the scoters but Shelduck are not that common either.

David Tattersley said...

No problem Dave, I know that Shelduck are annual but relatively uncommon in Calderdale as there is any suitable habitat.
They are also classed as an uncommon visitor in the Huddersfield Birding Area although there are more annual sightings particularly around the Horbury area.
By chance a female was on Blackmoorfoot late afternoon when I popped in for look, so they are clearly moving cross-country at the moment.