Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lee Mount

Garden birdwatching this afternoon was about the best I could do in the conditions - still covered in deep snow E F5 gusting and overcast.
1 Redwing feeding on quaker oats but it didn't seem to like dried mealworms for some reason unlike the Blackbirds (10+)
2 Bullfinch
10+ Blue Tits
8+ Great Tits
4+ Coal Tits (they like dried mealworms)
Plus the usual Robins, Dunnocks, Magpies, Collared Doves and Woodpigeon


Brian Sumner . said...

Thats a fair garden list Dave, Ive tons of food out but still only managed 23 House Sparrows, 4 Blackbirds , 2 Blue Tits and 1 Magpie.

Mike Stead said...

Well done with the Bullfinches, Dave - I'm still waiting for my first of the winter.
But a Redpoll on two days and a Song Thrush over the weekend have brightened up the wintry conditions in our garden !