Saturday, March 09, 2013

Lower Gorple Res', 9th March 2013

I dashed up late this afternoon in pretty poor weather conditions to look for the water pipit and came away empty handed. Perhaps the only creatures of note were five oystercatchers around the reservoir.

Regards, Chris


DJSutcliffe said...

Hi Chris. The Water Pipit was seen this morning among the rocks on the far side after being flushed by a passer by about 11am by the outfall. From Martyn Hayes. Though he said it was really hard to locate in the poor conditions!

ChrisJB said...

Thanks for that. I was actually at Dunham Massey looking for LSWs, when a pal phoned me to say it had been seen in the morning. I legged it back to the car and sped back to Lower Gorple...all to no avail! I didn't see the LSWs either!