Friday, March 29, 2013

Other news today

Not much to report other than Martyn drew a blank looking for the Water Pipit at lower Gorple today. I guess the weather will have something to do with that!

c30 waxwings yesterday around Moor Close Road, Queensbury (NK) but none reported today as far as I know.

Mixenden Res'r this morning - 3 Goldeneye

Also just picked up a report on BirdGuides of a S E Owl at Brighouse near 'the mad mile' SE144225 on Wednesday 27th ! I guess this is the stretch from Brighouse towards the M62 ? but not sure!


Brian Sumner . said...

Looking today from Soil Hill Mixenden seems to be the only local water not froze.

FRAN44 said...

Mad milie is the A643 Clifton to Scholes road.

Jim Welford said...

Aye the mad mile crosses the top of Jay House Lane.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Thanks - I see why they call it that now!