Monday, March 18, 2013

High Royd

I went down there out of the fog! Just trees to peer through (not much better than fog)!
2 Canada's
2 Coot
6 Moorhen
20+ Pied Wagtails on the filter beds
6 Teal
1 Grey Heron
6 Mallard
c90 Carrion Crows on the filter beds
2 Grey Wagtails
1 Gt Spotted Wodpecker
1 Green Woodpecker
2 Treecreepers together
1 Goldcrest + a few L T, Blue and Great Tits
3 Jays
1 Dipper on the Calder


Steve Blacksmith said...

These lists of commoner species are a good snapshot of birdlife in Calderdale in 2013.
I think they are worth preserving in their list form.
Who knows what a list in 20 years time will look like?
A standardised method could be to set a time limit, e.g. the birds noted in the first half an hour of arriving at a site.

DJSutcliffe said...

I log all mine on Birdtrack now. Timed vistiits all species and estimated or accurate counts for each tetras, in my case but records can be logged site specific. They are available to local recorders as well.
Agree Steve, life (in all its forms) will be different in another 20 years - lets hope we are around to see it!!!
Record keeping very important.