Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jay House lane

A good mix of birds up there today , The  rookery on the hill is a bit obscured but managed at least 17 nests,??is there access into the wood.??
Starlings 450 +
Golden Plover 20
Lapwing 5
Curlew 2
Skylark 1
Tree sparrow 15 +
Reed Bunting 1 (on feeders)
Goldfinch 20+
Stock Dove 2


Dave Sutcliffe said...

Don't know the site very well Andy - Mike Stead might know.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Probably the best site we have for an early Wheatear rather than up on the tops at the moment.

Mike Stead said...

The only footpath is around the far side of the wood,from Clough Lane up to Whiteacre Pitts farm.But doesn't give much clearer views of the rookery !

J.uttley said...

When you are coming from Halifax on the A649 towards Jay House lane just where the road splits into a dual carriage way there is Harefield farm (and farm shop) A track which is to the right of the farm takes you down to the wood. Last year there were 20+ rooks' nests there.Mr Gibson is the name of the farmer, he usually does not mind.

AndyC said...

Thanks every one,I will go and investigate//////////////