Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Soil Hill

 Dull start to the morning but had brightened up by 08:30. Birds generally much higher than the previous day, especially first thing. More birds also passing to the west, directly down the Ogden valley. Still an impressive number of birds moving between 07:00 - 10:15

  • The passage of Meadow Pipits was fairly steady but consistent throughout the morning, only really slowing down after 09:00. A total of 1448 went south, which is my second-best count here.
  • Finches passed in small numbers as well, with no notable counts also 18 Lesser Redpoll is good and 2 Crossbill is only my second record of the year
  • Hirundine movement was almost negligible, with only one flock of 35 House Martins going through, otherwise just a handful of individuals. 
  • Two skeins of Pink-footed Geese passed SE, one to the north of the Calderdale area and the other probably going over Ovenden. 
  • The highlight of the morning was a smashing Merlin that blasted through south, heading off down the Ogden valley.


In total managed 55 species this morning, the full list here;

Yesterday was also a brilliant day, with less Meadow Pipits but more finches passing in good numbers. A much clearer day but with thick cloud passing over at times.

  • Meadow Pipits made up the bulk of the birds, with 1219 going south
  • Some really nice finch totals scattered in with the Pipits, including 121 Goldfinch, 68 Chaffinch and, for this site at least, a very nice 13 Greenfinch
Other birds around included the first Teal of the autumn on the NK Pond, and the family of Grey Partridge (1 adult 5 juveniles) on the middle manure pile on Taylor Lane, in the early morning gloom before sunrise. 

-Grey Partridge

In total managed 53 species this morning, the full list here;

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Peter Smith said...

So many interesting records. I like the family of Grey Partridges, showing the difference between adult and juvenile, and given how this species is in decline.