Thursday, September 21, 2023

Soil Hill

 After a few days of poor weather, this morning south-westerlies looked very promising for some good VizMig, and so it transpired. I stayed on site from first light until around 10:30 and had my personal first serious Meadow Pipit morning here. It could have possibly been even better, but a low cloud bank rolled in around 07:30 and didn't clear properly until around 08:00. Although I could still see some birds, there were undoubtedly many more that I missed because of this. 

  • The bulk of the Meadow Pipit movement occurred between 06:45 - 07:30, at one point going through at about 500 birds every twenty minutes. Once the fog cleared the passage of birds had slowed down significantly. 
  • Good finch totals also. The count of 26 Lesser Redpoll is my highest for this site, and 29 Siskin is also not a bad result. 
  • Hirundines only really got going once the fog lifted, and not in any serious numbers. 19 Swallows and 6 House Martin south is as good as it got. 
  • Two skeins totaling 158 Pink-footed Geese passed SE, but both well to the north of the Calderdale area, more likely passing over Harden Moor or possibly even further north. 
Didn't get so much time to check for grounded migrants during the early hours, but noticeably a few birds around
  • First Song Thrush of the autumn, before it headed south.
  • Still one adult Whitethroat lingering, as well as at least six Chiffchaff, including four together. 

In total managed 47 species this morning, the full list here;

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