Saturday, April 23, 2022

Mixenden Reservoir

 I tried there this morning with that strong easterly in the hope of something blown in or dropping in for some recovery time.

Single Swallows were appearing and 20+ had arrived by the time I left, feeding at speed low over the water - no Sand or House Martins there as yet. 
Two adult L B-b Gulls arrived for a bathe as did 2 Herring Gulls adult and 3rd winter type - but they didn't stay long.
Unusual to see 2 Kestrels sparring over the woodland before they both left towards Mount Tabor and a Ring-necked Parakeet was in the trees by the mini-roundabout.

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Bradshaw Rambler said...

One more day of this cold easterly by the looks of it.
I had a look at Mixenden Res from Rocks Lane this afternoon, it looked bereft of birds.
You did well to get some Swallow, they must be struggling in this unusually cold weather Dave.