Sunday, November 22, 2020

Soil Hill (& other sites); updates from the week

Soil Hill
-SNOW BUNTING; 2nd of the week on the summit this morning (22nd). Initially heard which gave me chance to get my camera ready. Strangely the bird then flushed from long grass on top rather than a flyover as I anticipated. It then spent maybe two minutes flying in loops around the top calling frequently before flying south strongly. I followed it until it was a distant dot, which is why it was weird when it (or possibly a different bird) flew past me only around a minute later heading strongly north. Again I followed it and it gave the impression it was loosing altitude but it was extremely distant and I eventually lost it against the backdrop of the distant hills. A search of the habitat on the North Slope produced nothing. So possibly two birds, but unsure. 
-1 Jack Snipe on the 21st
-2 Raven blogging on the 22nd
-52 Fieldfare on the 22nd, best count of the week (44 in a single flock)
-54 Pink-footed Geese flew east

Full checklist from the 22nd:

-Snow Bunting

Green Withens 19.11.2020

-WATER PIPIT by the boathouse but quite elusive. After the initial sighting, photographed below, only seen once breifly on adjacent wall despite searching
-17 Twite
-56 Pink-footed Geese flew West
-1 Raven

-Water Pipit
-Pink-footed Goose

Whiteholme Reservoir 19.11.2020
-2 Raven
-Not a single bird on the water

Ringstone Edge 19.11.2020
-1 Whooper Swan on the water

-Whooper Swan

Lower Gorple 19.11.2020
-10 Whooper Swan flew SE

-Whooper Swan

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David Sutcliffe said...

I'd call that a pretty good week !!!