Monday, November 30, 2020

Fly Flatts - mid afternoon

 A howling gale up there and driving rain most of the time but there were two clear, dry spells for around 5 minutes each before the driving rain came in again. I felt sorry for the sheep !!!

An hour and a half up there ... 2 species.
1 adult Lesser Black-backed Gull sitting it out on the embankment with 2 adults and an immature fly-overs >W

3 immature Common Gulls (not all that common up here and had to check them out with the scope) were charging from one end of the embankment to the other continuously. They couldn't have been enjoying it in those conditions (or could they) ! Another 12 adult Common Gulls on the top dam at Cold Edge as well.

1 comment:

Brian Sumner . said...

I was hoping you was going to say Fly Flatts had come back to life Dave.
May have a dabble up there tomorrow fog willing. At least the gulls are a bit encouraging.