Saturday, January 04, 2020

Nice assemblage of wildfowl to be disturbed from their preferred dam

Smart male Goldeneye on Lee Dam, Lumbutts, quite a small dam with a mirror-like surface very often. Along with three Teal, (one female,) four Goosanders (one male), Mallards, two Moorhens.
All due to be scared off from their important winter feeding water when the New Year Community Swim takes place tomorrow, 5th January 2020.

Of four dams in the Lumbutts/Woodhouse area this is the only one that regularly atttracts wildfowl, and yet this is the one they choose for the New Year Swim. Sorry for the short notice; I only saw the banner advertising the Swim this morning.

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Phil Wood said...

The swim is a pain, I would agree, although I've often suspected that Goldeneye and Goosanders make the short flight to Longfield Dam on occasion anyway.
I might have more concern with the ridiculous disturbance in the summer by people trekking up to "the highest beach" at Gaddings Dam.