Friday, January 03, 2020

Lee Mount

Not managed to get out much yet but as soon time allows....

Brown Rat on a garden feeder on New Years Eve was not  a pleasing sight so the feeders are all away now, for the time being at least. Not seen it since so that's a good sign.

Local birds are looking lost indeed without the feeders but a male Blackcap was in the garden today, mainly around the flowering Mahonia 'Charity'. A great shrub once established for loads of yellow flowers from November till maybe the end of January into February (?)

No photos of the Blackcap but this is the Mahonia.


Bradshaw Rambler said...

Rat on the feeders .... know the feeling Dave.

Brian Sumner . said...

Lynda always admires the same plant in Matalans car park but we did,nt know what it was. Looks a bit tropical.