Sunday, January 13, 2019


3 Waxwings showed very well today at Sainsbury's car park Halifax, the birds were on view from 2pm continuously until 3pm when I left.


Rowan said...

Hi there
I have only recently began birding around Halifax and I am really excited about these waxwings.
I am going to go to Sainsbury's tomorrow in search of them; any tips regarding which trees to look in or what time to go?


David Sutcliffe said...

Hello Rowan - these are winter visitors, though they don't appear every winter, and are generally found eating berries. Mountain Ash being their favoured tree species with several berry laden trees in Sainsbury's car park. This group can be very elusive at times and it seems to be 'pot luck' if you find them - or not.
When not feeding they seem to have favoured the tops of the tallest trees to preen and watch out for predators. Try the tall poplar species at the back of Sainsbury's staff car park to the rear of the RSPCA. Binoculars are essential there though if you find them feeding they can be very approachable at times.
Hope that's a help though we have had no reports of sighting there today !