Thursday, December 29, 2016

Lee Mount and High Brown Knoll

Lee Mount -c140 'pink's on the move this morning >W at 11:24 - I think I missed another lot just in front of these but lost them as I shot inside for the camera !

 c140 Pink-footed Geese
This afternoon had a walk up on to High Brown Knoll (above Pecket Well) looking for Snow Bunting, without success, but I came across this lovely Golden Plover on the moor. Lots of Red Grouse and one very distant Raven but the views are stunning up there - well, on an afternoon like today !!
 Golden Plover


Brian Sumner . said...

You did well to sneak that Pinkie photo just in time Dave.
Goldies are getting back to the moors early, hope the weather holds.
Ravens will be nesting soon

Bradshaw Rambler said...

Cracking photos Dave.