Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sowerby Bridge & Private Site last 2 days

Dipper and Kingfisher on walk onto work near Asquith Bottom Mill in Sowerby Bridge yesterday and apologies for this one but I'll hopefully confirm this tomorrow morning. As I was leaving a bird flitted across my path my first instinct said Black Redstart but I was unable to relocate the bird though my search was brief as I had to be somewhere. It was the briefest of views so I told myself that it was unlikely and was probably just a robin.

Today whilst working on a private site I was surrounded constantly by 2 Robins that kept coming down to feed on the worms and other insects I kept turning up as a dug, not once did either of them remind me of the fleeting glimpse I'd had the day before. So tomorrow I shall return and have a proper search and I'll send a text to Dave so he can put it out either way on the grapevine. I certainly won't be claiming it if my search proves fruitless as it was the briefest of glimpses.

At dusk today witnessed an amazing roost as wrens/blue tits & great tits gathered in nearby bushes and trees before going to roost in the roof of the house where i was working, at least 20 wrens were seen to goto roost before we left. I've asked the owner to take a look in the morning to see if he can get an exit count and also to see if any other species have joined them. Add to that a weasel showing well, made for a good day at work.

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David Sutcliffe said...

Fantastic shots Andy. It would be good to find a Black Red, especially in December!