Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Gull Roost?

With regard to Steve's post on 23rd December concerning gull roosts I have some new information to add to the discussion. I went up to Scammonden primarily to see if both divers were still present and the good news if you haven't caught up with them yet they are still around and diving frequently. I've attached another couple of photos but promise not to bore you with anymore unless a third one turns up!

Interestingly a solitary Moorhen was also present on the water which is the first time I've seen this species here, perhaps a Ringstone bird?

Anyhow back to the main event, both Black-headed and Common Gull started arriving from the north and north-east around 15:15hrs onwards and at dusk there were a total of 2,500 gulls present comprising 2,200 Black-headed Gull and 300 Common Gull.

At 16:00hrs 27 Herring Gull flew in from the west and circled the gull roost for about 2 minutes before continuing in an easterly direction along the M62 corridor.

There was no gull roost on 23rd December so perhaps the cold snap has resulted in the gulls roosting here as Scammonden is still ice-free?

Male Sparrowhawk, Kestrel and hunting SEO were also seen in the area, not a bad end to 2009!


AndyC said...

There were about 1000 BHGull and 300 Common Gulls at first light today stood on the ice against the dam wall.The two divers were swimming and diving together for about 20 mins,3 female Goldeneye also present.

steve_e said...

Also 1 f Goldeneye at Ringstone same afternoon