Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Today's surprises !

Looks like the Dotterel have moved on with no sign of them today. What a treat for all those who turned up to see these rare and fascinating birds in Calderdale and at such an accessible location. They are usually in far away mountain top places !
There is still time for other Dotterel to be found in the next week or two, hopefully for those observers who 'dipped' on the Cold Edge Road birds. Hill top searches recommended !

2 Mute Swans turned up today at Ogden - a rare bird for this location (NK)

Also from Cromwell Bottom a Whooper Swan turned up with 3 Mute Swans (DF). Also from there still, are 2 Common Terns, there for their 3rd day running. (DF and AT)

For one fortunate local birder (MH) an Osprey went east over Fly Flats / Ovenden Moor around 13:00 hrs today.

At another undisclosed woodland location in Calderdale a pair of Pied Flycatchers seem to be settling in to stay for a while.

Watch out for Swifts - due to arrive anytime now. Two already for (BS) over Fly Flats and Bradshaw yesterday.

And from (AT) a rare find with a pair of Treecreepers taking food regularly into a nest box.

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