Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Surveys - Calderdale Birds Conservation Group

At the last Conservation Group Meeting there were concerns raised about the plight of local House Martin colonies - a massive crash since we did our last in depth survey in Calderdale in 2011. They are also in serious decline nationally.
Similarly, Swifts are also in decline, and again  not just in Calderdale though Swallows so far seem to be holding their own (?)
House Sparrows, too are struggling in some areas.
The group decided it would be good to log records of nesting colonies in 2017 as we already do annually with Rookeries and Heronries.

Information could well be useful in the future especially if we can protect the birds from development proposals (through the Planning Process) or provide alternative nesting solutions ?

Therefore please could all readers of the blog provide information anytime this summer on the presence of nesting birds i.e.
House Sparrows, House Martins, Swifts.

Location and brief description of the site and the number (or estimated) of nests or number of suspected nesting birds. All information would be greatly appreciated.

Information can be sent to me or via the blog email

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Jeff Cox said...

Just before I left I was working the Hugh to see if we could get swift bricks included in the planning process, which I guess is what you're aluding to in your comment. Any progress there?