Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Starling Puzzle

Walking past the rear of the station buildings at Todmorden this evening, I became aware of an adult Starling stood on the wooden gutter. There was calling from the presumed nest site behind it, a cyclical chirping a bit like a Goldcrest singing. I have heard this many times and assumed it was nestlings, but this seemed so early in May I began to wonder if it was a call from an adult sitting on the nest?

Funnily enough, the Starling nest a few doors up the street delivered exactly the same calls. Is my memory adrift, or have we just had an early breeding season this year?


David Sutcliffe said...

Interesting Phil. The Starlings have definitely been feeding young for over a week now in Lee Mount ! Can't say I recall the sound you've heard maybe juveniles or possibly the other adult calling for food ??
Starlings - Incubation up to 15 days and fledging up to 22 days.

AndyC said...

I was thinking yesterday that Starlings seem early this year.They have been feeding frantically for at least the last 10 days in Northowram.

Phil Wood said...

Thanks for your replies, I'm sure the sound is nestlings so good to know other places have early nests too.

Still waiting for our breeding House Martins to return, there were two high over the area Wed 26th but nothing noted in the same area yesterday evening.