Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Recent sightings - Jumble Hole area

Garden Warbler

Female siskin

Male siskin

3 of the 4 ravens
Garden warbler daily in the garden, with another 4 males singing within a short walking distance.
Whitethroat are less apparent than in past years, with just 2 singing at present.
A tawny owl is always around the same area in the woods, with a blackbird harassing it constantly to move on.
A redpoll was briefly on the nyjer seed on the 11th May, with 3+ siskins present still daily.
A single woodcock is roding here at dusk.
4 ravens were between here and Hebden Bridge - which isn't the first time in spring.
Green and great spotted woodpecker.are both very regular, but no nests located.
A pair of moorhen are around on the Calder at Callis Bridge - the first time I've seen them this far up the valley.


David Sutcliffe said...

A nice selection there Matt.

heavy birder said...

Did you get a new camera Matt?

NTBR said...

Interesting stuff.

Matt Bell said...

Yes Nick - can you tell?!!
Still learning how to use it (particularly focusing speedily) but got the Lumix FZ 72, with 20-1200 zoom. Cheap enough for my usage.

Muxy said...

I have that bridge camera too and you're doing better than me!

Jeff Cox said...

Nice photos Matt! Missing the Garden Warblers over here. Get one if we're lucky just south of Hornsea Mere but can't find a family group like there always seems to be up your way.