Monday, May 01, 2017

Dotterel Day

      A good crowd visited the Dotterel site today, and they were showing well too
      which made it a nice visit, also at the same site were Golden Plover, Wheatear,
      Lapwing and a flypast by 2 Curlew and what looked like a Redstart but unconfirmed
     and no pic so no tick. Was nice to bump into DW & PD.


mick said...

Where is the Site ? Pendle? Please let us know

Dave Brotherton Photography said...

Cold edge Rd, top withens Mick

David Sutcliffe said...

Very nice shots Dave

Phil D said...

Nice shots Dave.
Good to bump into you the other evening. Glad you were there to point them out, don't think I'd have spotted them!

Dave Brotherton Photography said...

Likewise Phil, glad they put on a show for you, after 10 mins of going missing.