Saturday, February 25, 2017

Upland tree planting

Does anyone know if there are considerations for ground nesting moorland birds (curlew, dunlin, twite, lapwing, golden plover etc etc) in these plans? Also, if there are 'wetlands' being established, the sooner the input from the bird/wildlife groups to help steer the design, the better.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Hugh Firman reassures that any scheme like this on or adjacent to the Special Protection Area
will have to go through stringent ecological impact assessment.

Craig Best of the National Trust who first mooted the idea (that I heard of) has pulled back to some extent saying the idea was "aspirational".

The landowners (grouseshooters) would also - ironically - be on our side.

brian taylor said...

That's good to hear. With the windfarms on nearby tops and sizeable herds of cattle on Inchfield Pasture, large scale planting would obviously not be good news for curlews (etc) that used to breed in this area. In the past I have wondered about the possibility of limited extension of the Gorpley Clough wood further up the Clough? Would have to see the detail.

AndyC said...