Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mute Swans

We had a report last week of a dead Mute Swan at Cromwell Bottom, possibly the victim of a Mink attack (?)

Today we had another report (RD) of another Mute Swan, near the same site, looking as if it might be injured - perhaps sick/exhausted or maybe even after a collision with overhead obstacles ? - we don't know. The bird was able to walk but did not fly when approached.
It also has an identification ring so we are hoping we can identify the bird.
Someone is checking the site in the morning so lets hope it recovers.

UPDATE Thursday 11:30
No sign of the tired/injured swan this morning so let's hope it's ok. From the ring number, 376Y, it has been confirmed by Judy Hogg that the bird is 2016 male bird from Shibden Park.
Please report any further sightings of this or any other ringed bird if you are able to get the ring number.

Also the dead Mute Swan seen on the canal bank last week by Mike H et al also had a ring number 366Y was a 2015 female cygnet, also from Shibden Park.

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Brian Sumner . said...

A sad story Dave, hopefully 376y will turn up locally.