Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cold Edge

This afternoon
2 Barnacle Geese in the area one of which is colour ringed (AR)
c80 Canada Geese
c15 Greylag Geese but mobile some flying towards Fly Flats
1 Little Grebe
Drake Goldeneye on the top main dam
Masses of Starlings and Fieldfares in one field this aft. Will get a guestimate count from photos later.

Just trying these 'doctored' photos to try demonstrate how many birds there were in 2 large flocks which included c300 Fieldfares and most of the rest were in excess of 1,700 Starlings.
Click on the photo's to enlarge

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Brian Sumner . said...

Nearly called there after being fogged off at Fly Flatts but the mist was rolling across so settled for Mixenden. I wonder if one of the Barnacles is our usual Barnie?