Sunday, February 12, 2017


11 Bramblings reported today in a garden between Luddenden foot and Mytholmroyd (LM)
Good to hear there are still a few about.

There is a Brambling in a Queensbury garden which was ringed in Brussels + a Blackbird in the same garden ringed in Finland (DS). I understand both these birds have been identified from photographs of the ringed birds and details obtained from reading the numbers on the rings on the computer. Not easy, even from photo's, but it's always worth looking out for birds with a ring (or rings) on them.
Photo's below of the ringed birds with thanks to Denise.
 Brussels Brambling

Finnish Blackbird


Tim Walker said...

30 odd Brambling on the feeders in my garden at Barkisland today.

Brian Sumner . said...

A good winter for Brambling, report of c20 at Ogden 1615 hrs this evening in trees by the car park.