Monday, February 06, 2017

Bramblings at Coach Road

The small group of half a dozen Bramblings seem to be in the same patch of dead leaves on the track, most days. Having a good root around, and tricky to photograph !
A Treecreeper gave excellent views nearby, and there were also Nuthatches, Song Thrushes, Redwings, a GSW, a Green Woodpecker and Goldcrests about.


David Sutcliffe said...

Never know what you might turn up at Coach road Mike !

Bradshaw Rambler said...

A few Brambling in the trees opposite Sefton Ave a little while back Mike.
Good to get Green Woodpecker - eluded me, so far down there, together with the lesser version (of course)!?

mick said...

Hi Where abouts was the Green Woodpecker please

mick said...

Hi could tell me where the Green Woodpecker was please
Many thanks Kath

mike stead said...

Hi Mick/Kath. This week's Green 'Pecker was yaffling in the field behind Hoyle House Farm - next to Catherine Slack, Hove Edge.
The more regular/reliable one has been in the field at Sutcliffe Wood Lane - the back road between the Dusty Miller, Hove Edge and the Travellers at Hipperholme.
It's been in the field directly opposite a large house called 'Wood Royde'.
Listen out for Buzzards around as well !
Hope that helps.

mick said...

Many Thanks Mike haven't seen one for about 2 years now so would be great to see one again
May go up tomorrow and look for it Many thanks once again
Mick and Kath