Friday, February 10, 2017

Jumble Hole

3 buzzards were together over Erringden again this lunchtime, sparring and soaring.
Siskins are still visiting the feeders.

And lastly, this male bullfinch was on the Pennine Way looking dazed. No obvious signs of injury or disease, but I just reached down and picked it up. I put it in a box with food and water, and it didn't move at all. After a couple of hours, it made it clear it no longer wanted to be in the box, so I took it outside, opened the lid, and it flew straight off.


David Sutcliffe said...

Interesting one (?) on the Bullfinch Matt. Pleased it recovered.

Bradshaw Rambler said...

A heart warming story.

Dave Brotherton Photography said...

Nice one Matt, well done mate