Thursday, December 03, 2015

Roils Head tick

Sometime last week I came across some bird droppings in the heather at Roils Head, look just like Red Grouse I thought but not possible, so they must be Grey Partridge as there's been six birds present nearby at Tower Hill for a couple of months. Today however whilst walking over the same patch, what fly's out from cover but a Red Grouse, a very surprising bird for this site and as it happens a Roils Head tick.


AndyC said...

Runnibg from the guns doubt

heavy birder said...

Probably will last longer at Roils.

AndyC said...

I was talking to a game keeper some time last year and he told me that some grouse do move out after the main shooting season. He often saw other shoots birds arriving in December and into the new year. I think Flambrough had one recently.