Monday, December 28, 2015

Mount Tabor

Nothing spectacular but interesting walk produced Sparrowhawk (M), Little Owl, Green Woodpecker, Lapwings x 12, c 50 Gulls (BHG and Common) and corvids including 7 Rooks.  Also 1 x Roe Deer.
1 of the BHG nearly had full summer plumage.  There are midges in the garden and yesterday I had 11 Meadow Pipits which is unseasonal for up here.
(p.s. I know the pics aren't great!)


David Sutcliffe said...

Like the pictures Muxy and a nice report of local birds.

Phil D said...

Good Little Owl shot Muxy, I haven't even managed to find one in the daylight, let alone photograph one :)