Friday, December 11, 2015

Cold Edge

This morning in a cold westerly F5 to F6 with intermittent wintry showers between dry spells.
A interesting visit and despite the conditions there were just a few birds about. The highlight was a female Merlin which shot across the top dam heading for 2 Stonechats which had been feeding from the fence line across the juncus field just above the top small pond. It chased one of them for 5 or more strikes with the outcome unknown as they were lost from sight below the top small pond with the Merlin still in pursuit.
Another pale looking Stonechat was by Moorlands Farm (just down the track from Withens Gap)
2 Kestrels
1 f Goldeneye on the lower dam
c20 Mallard
47 Fieldfare
1 Redwing
1 Mistle Thrush
c40 Starlings
2 Red Grouse
Usual corvids and small gulls



Bradshaw Rambler said...

Cool Fieldfare photo. and sounds like you had a goodish day.
(Better than Ogden by a long chalk.)
Noticeably colder today so things should improve!!
Enjoy the weekend


Muxy said...

Those 'chats have been there for a good couple of months now. Always great to see a Merlin up there.

Brian Sumner . said...

Stonechat has eluded me this year so far and running out of time.
Did well to get the Fieldfare shot. One of the hardest photos for me taken birds in grass.

Muxy said...

Brian - Pleased to see you got your 2015 Stonechats today (Sunday)!