Thursday, December 17, 2015

Lee Mount

After a re-count from photographs in poor light it came to 54 Pink-feet over at 16:15 - they changed direction from >W to >N then eventually >WNW so it wasn't easy to tell which direction they were heading - Ogden or Wainstalls though as they went out of sight it was probably the latter.

This follows on from another skein heard over Ripponden last night (TW) at around 19:25.
These are probably movements of birds already in the country commuting perhaps between The Humber/Linconshire/Norfolk and Lancashire/Cumbria (?)


Brian Sumner . said...

Well spotted on the Pinkies, been watching on and off this aft as conditions were good but nothing over.
Bottom of Ringby always looks good for Brambling in with the Chaffinch around the feeders, a promising spot.

David Sutcliffe said...

Yes Brambling could be a good bet. I used to put seed down there. Might start again for winter - when/if it comes !!