Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Apologies all this is not about birds but an appeal for anyone who is in the Elland/Cromwell Bottom area to keep an eye out for Robin who is currently missing.  He was in his home on a barge moored in Elland but has been missing for the past few days so may have got spooked during the recent floods and ran away.

If anyone does come across him please post on the blog or let the grapevine know.  Owner is desperately missing her beloved pet.

https://t.co/ZiP9fD3ClWView image on Twitter


Vicki Johnson said...

I have just learnt that Robins owners barge has sank due to the floods so they have lost all their belongings and are now homeless. Any info about their missing pet would be great. Please can everyone keep an eye out

David Sutcliffe said...

Will do Vicki -