Sunday, July 13, 2014

Withens Clough and Staups Moor

Withens Clough: A tree pipit in semi-song was a pleasant surprise, having not seen one up here for a year or two.  Also, male stonechat, willow warbler contact calling in the bracken and several linnets. 
Staups Moor: Four grey partridge, a red grouse and a curlew further over towards the Cross Stones turning.

Regards, Chris


Dave Sutcliffe said...

A good do to get Tree Pip Chris. I couldn't find one last week but the summer visitors arn't singing much now. Good to get Grey Partridge as well, they can be hard to find locally these days.

ChrisJB said...

Cheers Dave. The tree pip' was quite mobile too and flew across to the southern side of the clough. I went looking for my first whinchat of the year, with this being my fourth go in as many weeks. And still I couldn't find one!

Dave Sutcliffe said...

I couldn't find one either last week Chris ! They are on the edge in Calderdale, unfortunately.