Wednesday, July 09, 2014


A first for Nick and me tonight with a young Swift in the hand - an amazingly beautiful bird.

Nick was passing the site where Swifts breed and some residents had a young Swift come out of the nest in the eaves a day or two early. Despite several attempts to get the bird airborne it just fluttered to the ground.

We thought, it's best back in the nest, so the owner borrowed a ladder and we got the juv back into what appeared to be the nest site. It scrambled in screeching, with a dozen or so adult birds flying around the site. Hopefully it will be out safely next time and flying soon.

Once out it will hopefully feed up for a constant life on the wing, travel to Africa for 2 winters then back in 2 years before reaching breeding age - then it will land again!!!
Nick has taken some shots so we hope to get them on later.

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