Saturday, July 12, 2014

Halifax Grapevine Subscribers.

DJS and myself  BS  have been working on a back up for the Halifax grapevine with the hopefully busy season approaching and DJSs holidays etc so as from tomorrow, Sunday 13th I will be backing Dave when he is not available or in an area with no signal, as happened the other day with the Gt Northern Diver when Dave was down Luddenden Dean with no communication.
The system will work just the same texting DJS unless instructed by DJS to send reports to me or if you have difficulty getting hold of Dave use my number instead which is   07771 705 024.
I have now all the subscribers numbers on my phone so the word will get round just the same.
Any sightings from myself will be sent to you all from my phone so don,t wonder where its come from.

We,ve had a load on numbers to re write and pass on between us so if you think you,re not getting texted let Dave or me know and we,ll sort it.  
Subscriptions, memberships etc is still in the hands of DJS and he will pass on new members or drop outs to me.
Brian Sumner,   BS


Jeff Cox said...

Well done Brian, this is really appreciated - as is Dave's continuing support of the Grapevine. What would we do without you!?

Brian Sumner . said...

Thanks Jeff, its a great system of Daves, and I for one have had many birds from it that I would otherwise have missed.
Its also mainly thanks to the birders getting out there and sending the reports in. Lets hope its a mega autumn.

Bruce said...

Many thanks Brian
I have added you to my contacts now so you will not be anonymous

Brian Sumner . said...

Good do Bruce

Brian Sumner . said...

I sent a text round this morning at 1000hrs ish from Fly Flatts so if you subscribe and didnt receive it text me your name and mobile and I,ll check the numbers correct. BS

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Thanks Bri.

Nicholas Dawson said...

Brian, i will send payment when i get back for holiday (shetland) thanks for the good work