Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Other news

Can't catch up this week on the blog - just a few bits and pieces from the last few days.

Little Egret at Cromwell Bottom last Saturday 19th July (AW et al) - we dont get many of these locally though there are plenty in the country. Always a nice bird to find.

Ringstone Res'r - 7 Cormorants and c100 Lapwings on Monday evening 21st July

Norland Moor (Tuesday 22nd) - it was really good to have a wander round this site with Allan, a former very good school friend especially as we had not met up or been in contact since around 1962/63 or thereabouts, so we had a bit of catching up to do !
Not a lot on the moor in the heat of the day though the habitat is wonderful and it was good to see butterflys on the wing.
A few Meadow Pipits
1 Willow Warbler
2 Linnet
A few Swallows around as well

Ovenden Moor doing a butterfly survey (Tuesday 22nd)
1 Lapwing near the wind farm with a large (nearly flying) chick
1 Reed Bunting
1 Kestrel
1 juvenile Wheatear

Luddenden Dean today
1 Peregrine over this afternoon heading >S mobbed by 2 juvenile Kestrels

Lee Mount
A really good gathering of Swifts the last 2 evenings between 8 and 9 pm with up to 50 birds - fantastic to watch as they swarmed around screaming and chasing about. I guess there are a good number of juveniles with them making all the noise. Is anyone else getting concentrations like this in the evenings ?

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Muxy said...

Plenty of Swifts hunting over the house in Mount Tabor this evening. Maximum at once about 12. No screeching parties yet. The family groups of Swallows are more vocal. Shame there's not a smattering of House Martins.