Sunday, July 20, 2014

Osprey - Jumble Hole

Finally saw a long anticipated osprey past Jumble Hole at 10:43am. I initially saw the large winged bird from my bedroom window, flying at a reasonably low level (below Stoodley Pike) east towards the edge of Erringden Moor. My first thought was that it was most likely one of the large gulls that have been on the move down the valley in the passed few days, but I quickly realised that wasn't the case.

I then did the familiar "WHERE'S MY BINS?!!!!" and ran outside to catch up with it passing opposite the house, still at a low level. Osprey! Its flight was purposeful, doing that slight 'swimming action', in fact it never glided in the c.2 minutes I was watching it. As it reached Hebden Bridge, it turned slightly left up towards the Robin Hood at Pecket Well, then on towards Cock Hill/ Fly Flatts?



darrell j prest said...

Excellent sighting

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Great stuff Matt always a very special bird and especially over your home!

Mark said...

That would have been a good diversion for the TdF - fabulous bird!

Jeff Cox said...

Bugger. Once again I was elsewhere when a good bird passes by. This would probably have been easily visible from our house :(

Well spotted Matt - nice one!

Matt Bell said...

Thinking about it Jeff, it probably looked right down your chimney. That's the exact line it came on.