Friday, July 11, 2014

Other news

These long daylight hours with fine weather are great for birding and outside jobs etc but not good for keeping up with the blog and record keeping. Oh and the World Cup to watch as well. So have spent this morning getting up to date with Bird Track records and other records !... though I'd rather be out.

A few juvenile Wheatears have been coming back to our area this week (1 at Whiteholme, and up to 3 together at Withens Head) though we don't seem to get any breeding records locally these days - if anyone does have some then please let myself or Nick D know.

No sign of any Twite at Fly Flatts feeding station this year yet though we are putting Nyger seed down in then hope of some autumn birds. It's a shame Yorkshire Water have closed off our usual route to the site after all these years!
A rapid and sad decline with Twite in this area in the last few years despite the efforts of the RSPB and local volunteers.

Very few sites with any shoreline for migrant waders at the moment though some mud now at Fly Flatts and Ringstone. Whiteholme, Lighthazzles and Withens Clough are all to the top and these used to be some of our best sites for waders.

Looking forward to some autumn migrants already !

If anyone gets chance , have a look at Daniels Blog - (there is a link on this site to Dishfish birding blog) - his comments and enthusiasm have encouraged me recently so it would be good for others to keep up with his progress. He is now at Spurn doing some wardening.

Withens Clough Res'r, Cragg Vale
Fly Flatts (Warley Moor)
Golden Plover at Withens Head this week looks like a 'fading' Northern bird

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