Friday, March 14, 2014

Swales Moor

I tried along Ringby Lane this morning. Despite the hazy sunshine the wind was cold and strengthening from the west with little or no movement of birds though 3 Small Tortoiseshell butterflies was interesting.
5 Linnets
6 Meadow Pipits
1 Skylark singing
Little else other than the usual corvids


Jeff Cox said...

What a change from this morning to this afternoon! The cool wind turned very cold. Will the Linnet flock up there be dispersing now Dave?

Dave Sutcliffe said...

I gave it up as a bad job after lunch, that wind strength was not good! I think the Linnets have definately dispersed from Swales now Jeff. Its been good to have some wintering birds - unknown locally until the last few years at Swales and Soil Hill. What a couple of placse to winter!!!!

Brian Sumner . said...

Strange how these little birds opt for the worst places possible when they could easily drop down to a much milder location.