Sunday, March 02, 2014

Eider Duck

There's a report on Bird Guides today posted at 2.45pm - male eider on canal near Hollins Road/Rochdale Road junction.  Just been to look and there's no sign of it on the two lengths of canal there.  i.e. from Cross Keys down to next long length which goes under Hollins Bridge.  Maybe it was scared off by 4 noisy Canada geese setting up territory there.



Dave Sutcliffe said...

Stil there Sandra at 5pm. Bridge 32 over the canal at bottom of Hollins Road. It's a fabulous looking bird. Hope you can catch up with it tomorrow.

Sandra said...

We were in the wrong place yesterday - Hollins Road/Rochdale Road but near Walsden church. Will try again this afternoon near Copperashouse.

On the Walsden or Todmorden side of the bridge, Dave?