Monday, March 10, 2014

Lee Mount

An interesting afternoon in the garden with the weather perfect for birds using thermals!
I got a call from BS to say 4 Buzzards were drifting over Queensbury >SW about 13.15 so out in the garden with bins and scope to see if I could pick them up, maybe over Swales, but I couldn't find them in the bright blue sky. I did pick out a couple of female Sparrowhawks really high circling then a real belter of a bird with a single Raven over, quite high >N giving its customary cronking call. Only the second record over the house. Thanks Bri for the prompt!


Andrew Huyton said...

I reckon we may have seen at least one of the same female sparrowhawks, I'm working outside at club lane currently and watched one during my lunch break. She frequently is buzzing through the business park and has on at least one occasion taken a collared dove on site. I'm hoping to pick up an Osprey passing up the valley this spring if only I can learn to dig whilst looking upwards.

Brian Sumner . said...

Glad you got something from the call Dave.