Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mankinholes and Gaddings Dam this morning

It was a fine morning but the early morning mist was still rolling in and at times Stoodley Pike was obscurred by clouds.

Walking through Mankinholes the mist descended so visibility was very poor, although a Mistle Thrush singing from a tree top brightened things up.

Along towards Langfield there were Meadow Pipits singing and parachuting at last, and a Skylark could be heard from above Langfield Edge. Up to Gaddings Dam and 3 more Skylarks singing. At Gaddings it was clear for all of 2 minutes then the mist came in again and didn't look like clearing for a while so I set off along the dam wall rather than walking along the Western shore, not expecting to see much as there is very little shoreline. I put up 2 Ringed Plovers almost straight away and they flew off into the grey morning mist.

The lovely views from Gaddings are being changed by these things, just about visible through the murk:

Going down to Jail Hole to look for Wheatear, a Red Grouse took off into the mist - calling after me as it landed about 30 yards away.

Back through Lumbutts and Mankinholes the mist had gone and visibility was good. A Pied Wagtail flew over and a pair of Little Owls were in their usual place with a third also seen in its normal location at Cross Lane.

The final sighting for the walk was a pair of Stock Doves also at Cross Lane, we don't get many of them here so it was a good record.


Brian Sumner . said...

A nice report there Jeff, well done on the Ringed Plovers.
Cracking Little Owl photo posing side by side.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Not a bad day out Jeff. Glad the mist cleared up for you. Nice to get some Ringed Plover moving through.