Saturday, March 22, 2014

Derby Bar, Rishworth, 22nd March 2014

Two twite at the aforementioned location this morning, in cold and windy conditions.  Whilst watching them I was wondering if any of this population have been ringed and subsequently picked up anywhere on their wintering grounds?

Regards, Chris


Dave Sutcliffe said...

I think its a year or two since any of our local population were ringed (?) most were also colour coded as well as BTO rings. It would be good if we could locate and identify their origins!
Fly Flatts was a good spot for colour ringed birds but last year their were hardly any records other than one or two birds moving through in spring.
Digi shots can be useful and enlarging them on the computer later can occasionally reveal colour rings that were maybe not seen in the field.

Nick Carter said...

If I remember correctly Sean Gray once took a photo of a ringed twite at Ringstone and by zooming in was able to establish it was ringed in Belgium. It was a few years ago since any local birds were colour ringed, would be interesting to hear if any are still being reported, must be pushing a longevity record if they are?

ChrisJB said...

Thanks for the replies folks. I do really like twite and feel blessed that I have this Rishworth population relatively close to home.

S Gray said...

Hi to u all they r starting to ring at deer hill res again next week so look out for birds moving between sites with new colour rings on all individuals as well

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Thanks Sean - good to see you are keeping us up to date!