Sunday, January 19, 2014

Starlings II

Went to look for the starling flock in Bacup Road.  We were too early for the fly-past so we drove up Sourhall Road.  Saw c200-300 birds on wires and in field then they gradually joined up in a huge flock - more birds joining all the time and flew onto one of the pylons on opposite side of the main road.  By now we'd driven down to the main road and across it onto a track.  After 10 mins or so they took off in a flock from the pylon and swirled above us for 10 mins before settling into long grass/reeds on the hillside.  Bob estimated c2,000 birds in total.   20 fieldfare in field at the side of Sourhall Road.



Jeff Cox said...

Well done Sandra - that saves me trip to explore, instead I can go and enjoy the spectacle.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

A great record Sandra, is the site in Calderdale for our records?!!

Sandra said...

Yes, Dave. Both the fields where we first saw the birds, then the area they were flying over are in Calderdale.