Tuesday, January 28, 2014

King Cross

A good find this morning with 3 Waxwings at 12 noon just by bottom of Warley Road (RH)
3 still there at 13.00 (NCD) and 10 >W over Tesco's at 13.10 (AC).
In between - we missed the lot !!!!- might have another try this afternoon.

There are still quite a lot of berries around King Cross on the small trees so the birds could stay around for a day or two. Easterly winds forecast in the next day or so - maybe a few more will turn up ?

Update! we tried again this afternoon tramping around King Cross for an hour but we couldn't track any Waxwings down though we did have a male Peregrine over heading towards Peoples Park from Wainhouse Tower direction. Also 3 male Bullfinch feeding on rowan berries, 20 Starlings and 2 adult L B B Gulls over >E.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Sorry to split hairs, but wouldn't the Bullfinches be feeding on the Rowan seeds?

Waxwings and thrushes swallow berries whole, spreading the seeds in their digestive tracts, which if they fall in a good spot, will grow.

I've only been able to find finches breaking in and robbing the seeds. Result - trees/shrubs don't get spread.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Yes Steve I'm sure you will be 100% correct. Thanks for pointing it out.