Saturday, January 18, 2014

Other news today

Lee Mount - 2 skeins of Pink-footed Geese, both very close together >W over Lee Mount across lunch - time totalling c200 birds (JS and KS) I was elsewhere!!! so missed another lot.

This is an unprecedented year for such a regular occurances in this New Year over Calderdale (though we are likely to miss a lot - especially at night). I have checked coastal reports and they don't appear to be coming in off the sea at east coast sites so they are unlikely from the continent. It is more likely they are movements from Norfolk and Linc's/Humberside and probably moving towards Southport, Ribble or perhaps The Solway Firth (or Ireland maybe)?
Please keep the reports coming in!

Also today - the 1st winter Scaup was still on the fishing lake at Brookfoot this afternoon (NCD and DF)

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Brian Sumner . said...

Good job you left Jen and daughter on standby.