Monday, January 13, 2014

Cold Edge

This morning - it was cold up there! (probably not as cold as Soil Hill though!!)
There was a lot of activity with birds feeding in very wet fields, obviously picking up earthworms and having a feast!!
c280 Fieldfare
c200 Starlings
c200 B H Gulls
c100 Common Gulls
3 adult Herring Gulls was unusual as they are usually seen passing through rather than staying to feed
2 Kestrels
4 Red Grouse
11 Canada Geese
And to crown it off - a female Merlin sitting on a rock took off soon after I got it on the scope it and it pursued a Meadow Pipit trying to strike it around 10+ times before they were lost from view so not sure what the outcome would be. The mipit had to be very agile!!

2 Little Owls together at Balkram Edge (getting cosy)

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Brian Sumner . said...

Some good counts there Dave and nice to get a Merlin, a rare sp in 2013.