Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pink-footed Geese still going over

There were about 150 Pinks west over Skircoat during the morning and about 120 west over Brighouse in the afternoon.
It was nice to hear birdsong today as well:
Mistle Thrush at Savile Park
Dunnock at Skircoat
Wren at the Calder/Hebble confluence.
Cormorant (obviously not singing) coming in to the river here saw me and decided to perch half way up a pylon.
Earlier in the week I alarmed a female Goosander under the bank and it swam away giving a croaking noise. Something I'd never heard before.

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Dave Sutcliffe said...

A good do again with the 'pinks' Steve. I have been missing the lot recently for some reason !!!